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Training and Support for Early Childhood Professionals, Health Care Clinicians and Families Caring for Young Children.



Workshops, Webinars, and Advocacy Coaching to Improve Outcomes

Early Childhood Environments

After decades of research and years of advocacy, high quality early childhood education is a best practice to support healthy child development. If we get it right in preschool, life gets better. Professional development of teachers and administrators supports learning outcomes. It is not simply about education, it is about the environments that surround our youngest learners.

Healing Care

The preventive model of health care is the guiding model of 21st century medicine. Health care clinicians and patients need to be prepared for their collaborative role in healing. Healing Care is the goal of any james's project training. There is always some healing to be done.


Coaching for individuals and workshops for families and loved ones to help gently navigate the health care and education systems.

Nature & Adventures

Taking care of yourself is a big part of being able to take care of another. Supporting you by working WITH you, to meet your goals for healthy living.


Every good teacher understands there is much the student has to teach. Here is a place to share your experiences and learn with others.

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Get inspired and moving with recommendations and reviews on education, health care safety, the environment and adventures. Read more here!


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Mary Ellen Mannix is an expert in pediatric patient safety and her work with James's Project allows her to reach out to people who are struggling in the medical system. Mary Ellen is a team player and a collaborator who works with a network of advocates devoted to improving health care safety and quality. Mary Ellen Mannix via James's Project offers the "Books for Docs" program, workshops to educate parents about safe health practices for children and an informative blog. In addition, Mary Ellen has worked tirelessly on legislation to protect newborns. Mary Ellen is an educator, speaker, author and advocate. Mary Ellen is also a skilled restorative practitioner who helps others heal after experiencing adverse events. I highly recommend Mary Ellen Mannix in each and every one of her roles as an advocate for patients and families. Mary Ellen has the ability to speak to groups to tell her story and the experiences of many other families in a way that is informative and empowering. Mary Ellen is a true champion for pediatric patient safety.

Julia Hallisy, DDS

Founder at Empowered Patient Coalition and EngagedPatients.org
Mary Ellen is a passionate and thoughtful patient safety advocate who has used her personal tragic loss, leveraged her knowledge and skills, and become an effective advocate for system change. She also works tirelessly for individuals and families in the midst of crisis to ensure safe care and provide support after adverse events. She has a vision for humane, family-centered, high quality care and is promoting this vision through James's Project

Amy Romano

SVP of Clinical Programs at Baby+Co
"Mary Ellen is always organized and well-prepared for each class. She sets exceptionally high standards and expectations for herself and the teachers in each of her classes, and provides them with clear objectives and goals while encouraging their active engagement in their own learning and professional growth. A well-liked and respected instructor, Mary Ellen has received positive feedback from her workshop participants and colleagues. "

Jennifer W.

Program Manager, Bank Street Graduate School of Education


Please forward your contact information and a brief message with your needs. Mary Ellen will be in contact within 1-2 business days.