james’s project is about the healing.

The human experience is fraught with pain and suffering. The other side of pain and suffering is joy and thriving. The journey is all about the healing.

Go travel. Grow with Nature & Health. Share through Stories & Education.

james’s project was born out of the tragedy of the preventable death of a newborn. The search for “peace” that so many wished james’s mom had to be found in the asnwer to the question his mom kept asking in the wake of his iatrogenic injury; in the wake of his death; in the wake of relationships lost and changed; in the wake of everything changing with no warning:  “What happened?”

Over the past seven years, James’s mom, Mary Ellen has led james’s project through its growth from a pediatric patient safety advocacy & education source to a well-rounded reliable source for evidence based best practices in early education, healthcare, and grief support. Her continual search to advocate for what will save another family from unnecessary tragedy has led to where you are now. A space where spiritually centered travel, environmentally friendly consumer activities, and high quality education convene to support ultimate human growth and health.

It’s all about the healing.

Mind, body and spirit.

Education, communication, and collaboration.

Mary Ellen holds a master’s degree in the emerging social science/conflict resolution model of restorative practices and education. She has been a leader in the international discussions on adverse event patient-physician transparency. She has led and supported a number of successful advocacy campaigns at the state and local levels for pediatric and general patient safety.

Currently, Mary Ellen is a public policy associate and professional development instructor with a leading education organization. In addition, she has served on numerous boards; non profit organizations; been an invited participant, work group member and author in both education and healthcare. These partnerships include (list not complete) EngagedPatients.org (co-founder), The Bank Street College of Education, New York City’s Department of Education, The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, The Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital, A I DuPont Hospital for Children,  Consumers Union Safe Patient Project, The American Academy of Otolaryngology, Institute for Healthcare Improvement; The Newborn Coalition, and many more.

Mary Ellen has published a variety of articles for a number of outlets. She is a regular contributor for MomsRising.org

Professional Development Offerings in Education and Healthcare

To secure the safety of newborns and young children grown ups need to remember “everything they learned in kindergarten”.

So much happens between the first two thousand days of our lives and when professionals are certified, licensed, bonded and insured to oversee the care of new young lives that often adults forget the important lessons they learned.

Mary Ellen offers an array of professional development opportunities and presentations for teachers, parents, healthcare clinicians, and anyone who works with, around or near the youngest members of our communities.

In Education, Mary Ellen’s expertise in communication, peace building skills, ethics and child development are the basis for engaging, interactive, innovative and informative workshops.

She has been invited by multiple professional organizations to train teachers, staff and families on a number of skills including: “Peace building in Pre School”, “Professionalism in Early Childhood Education”, and “Restoring Education from the Beginning” to name a few.

In Healthcare arenas from the campus of Harvard University to majr urban academic hospital training rooms to international conference venues and government sponsored programs, Mary Ellen’s innovative Peace Building approach to healing in healthcare with best communication practices has been sought after for years.

Some of her one day versus ongoing classes have included: “Restoring Healing in Healthcare”: “Patient Safety 101″; “Rattle Wraps: Parent Patient Advocacy Training” and “The Parent & Patient Perspective in Pediatrics”.

If you or your organization would like to learn more please contact Mary Ellen directly at maryemannix@ymail.com.