Travel Advisory For A Fathom Cruise

Please don’t travel on a Fathom Cruise.



It just may be more than you could ever have imagined for travel – or could fathom!

It will be terribly difficult to look at anything the same way ever again. After travel aboard a Fathom cruise, your world will no longer just be the country of your passport. It will be wherever there is a need.




Don’t go on a Fathom cruise because I want to go back and I don’t want to have to compete with you for my favorite cabin with a view –  where I meditated each morning at dawn.






If you do travel with Fathom, keep an eye out for my heart. I left my it on the schoolyard playing baseball with Julio. We used baseballs made out of a few rolled up socks.  Of course you shouldn’t go. After you help school children practice English (and they help you practice Spanish),  you might take my spot playing right field.




There’s a spot waiting for me in one of these cabanas and you might sit down and forget that it doesn’t only belong to you. In that moment in the cabana with gentle waves lapping at your feet as a warm sea breeze blows by you may forget that you are not the only person in the world.





On your air-conditioDR3ned bus ride back to the ship, Adonia, after power snorkeling where you will find Dory (and all of her friends) some of YOUR new friends may want to find some fresh avocado; and then you will see with your own eyes that even though it doesn’t look like home, that doesn’t mean it is not safe.








Don’t go on a Fathom Cruise to the Dominican Republic. You won’t have any excuse to not compassionately communicate with people different than you. I was forced (in a way that included dancing and eating chocolate) to connect with people with whom we did not speak the same language. It just didn’t matter. I learned through travel when you don’t speak the same language, you will communicate on a deeper – even more meaningful level. Who needs that these days?



DR5You will meet some of my best friends and they will be talking about me the whole time.  Especially entrepreneur and local cocoa factory  founder, Milagros. She is awesome. Her Chocal Factory will inspire you to go home and do more than you ever fathomed possible.









Don’t go on a Fathom cruise or else – you will come home wanting to use a machete when you plant tree seedlings. Cause you don’t need so many things to garden – you need people and a gentle touch.



If you go on a Fathom Cruise, you will end up getting stuck in a tropical rainstorm and take cover under the roof of a local home with your new family you never knew were waiting for you. Then when the rain is over as quick as it started, you will be stuck looking at a brilliant blue sunshine filled sky.





If you do go, chances are you will get really really dirty and ruin a shirt that you really didn’t care about previously. Except now, you won’t throw it away – or wash it – because the Dominican Republic is a part of you inside and out now.









Don’t go because you might celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary surrounded by the kindness and love of others that don’t even know hDR6ow hard the past 15 anniversaries have been. Especially since your wedding anniversary falls on the anniversary of your son’s death. After all those years and hard work of avoiding celebrating life and believing you do not deserve to enjoy life, you will find that you went about it all wrong. You will finally discover the balance between helping others and being gentle on yourself. And that is okay. If you don’t take care of you, you will never be a help anyway. Grief travels. Healing happens along the way.


If you do go on a Fathom Impact Travel Cruise to the Dominican Republic, nothing will ever be the same.

(Disclaimer: *Some of the costs of my travel on the Fathom Cruise were covered by Fathom.)

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